Why Williams Jet Tender

"Greatness, it takes time. A passion for craftsmanship, a commitment to do things the right way, the aim of perfection countered by the constant need to improve - there are no shortcuts to these things. After all, we’ve been leading the way since 1996, and we’re just getting started.

Like all the best stories, it starts in a shed. Two brothers begin their working life selling fresh produce. But it’s the go-kart they made to sell it from that really inspired them, beginning a lifetime of craftsmanship. Over 40 years later, they’re still working together - but selling boats instead of bulbs.

Williams Jet Tenders transformed the industry. Fuelled by the success of their first model and an understanding of what both yacht builders and yacht owners want from a tender has resulted in Williams Jet Tenders being the gold standard. Their dynamic range of models allows us to offer a tender for most yachts between 34ft and 100ft."